Adult ColorBlock Brittney Leggings

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The Brittney leggings are high quality leggings that are full of stretch! They feature a yoga styled (non elastic)waistband. They are not see through and they are very soft! Very Comfortable.

This is indeed a great pair of leggings. They are also highly customizable!

The Color Block Brittney features 1 diagonal stripe across each thigh and they have a high-rise contour yoga waistband. You can choose for the back of the waistband to be plain or have up to 2 pockets built into the waistband's center back. The ColorBlock Brittney's waistband also forms a V design over your behind that creates a heart shape😉☺️.


The ColorBlock Brittney comes in 5 lengths:


  1. Shorts (5″ inseam)
  2. Bike (just above knee)
  3. Capri (calf)
  4. 7/8 (above ankle)
  5. Ankle length