What Do We Offer?

Since all of Sew Adorable LLC's couture is made to order, you are allowed to customize your items to fit you or your little one's needs. We are truly a "one stop shop" for all of your boutique needs.  All of the fabric used in our couture creation are ethically sourced and of high quality. All fabric intended for use in children's couture items are CPSIA compliant. 

We currently offer the following add-ons to our base couture items:

-Shirring on Dresses and Rompers

-Plenty of Ruffles

-Plenty of Rick Rack

-Huge Bows on the backs of Dresses

-Hand Embroidered Iron-On Patches

-Hand Embroidery on Couture Items

We currently offer the following couture items and accessories:


-Everyday Children's Wear 

-Children's Sleepwear

-Children's Outerwear

-Formal Wear for Children 


-Everyday Adult Wear

-Adult Sleepwear

-Adult Outerwear

-Formal Wear for Adults


-Formal Maternity Wear 

-Maternity Gowns for Photography 

-Everyday Maternity Wear

-Mommy & Me couture for the delivery/hospital stay


-Matching Pajama Sets for the Family (for any holiday or occasion)

-Matching Parent/Child Sets

-Matching Sibling Sets  


-Various Sized Hair Bows (on Alligator Clips or Nylons Head Bands)

-Head Bands

-Slouch Beanies 

-Bucket Hats

-Bow Ties

-Neck Ties 


-Hipster Underwear

-Boxer Briefs


-Knee High Socks 

-Polymer Clay Jewelry (intended for ages 13 and older) 


What We DO NOT Currently Offer?

- Mail-In Mendings and Alterations

-Smocked couture items