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These are all of the prints and colors that can be added to your garments. The watermarks WILL NOT appear on your handmade garments.

After you have added your custom item to the cart, come here to select your color for your garments. Be sure to add the name of thr custom garment you want for each garment in the "Customizations" box.

Please reach out via email ( if you are looking for a specific print or color. If you would just like your garment in a solid color, just type your desired solid color in the Customization Box. 

The image itself is not the product. If you add it to your cart, you are only signifying that you want your garment to be this color. You WILL NOT be receiving a copy of  the image digitally via email or physically via the mail.

These color design choices are only for Custom Orders only. They are NOT for the HTV Vinyl Shirts.