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Tell your story

Welcome to Sew Adorable!

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What We Offer?

Custom Shortening and Lengthening

Does your child have the small waist of a size 2T but is in need of the length of a 3T or 4T? Without having to lose the correct fitting waist, the pants can be lengthened to fit specific heights. 

Maybe your child has a the larger waist of a size 5T but is shorter  and needs the length of a 3T or 4T? Without having to lose the correct fitting waist, the pants can be shortened to fit specific heights. 

Although we do not offer mail-in alterations, you can custom order your couture to fit your needs! This custom add-on is most popular with school uniform pants.

Special Accommodations

We all know that children grow at their own rates. Sometimes their feet may be larger (or smaller) and not properly proportional with their growing bodies yet.

Maybe you prefer larger feet on your child's footed sleeper suits so that they can wear it longer while accommodating their quick growing feet. This accommodation allows you to have the proper fitting feet area without losing the proper fit throughout the overall body of the sleeper.

Or do you prefer your child's sleeper suits to have a zipper instead of snap buttons? Possibly even an inverted zipper that starts at the ankle instead of the neck?

This can be a great accommodation for easy diaper changes in the night without disturbing baby.

The snap buttons could be a great accommodation for things like feeding tubes. The snap buttons can be snapped around the feeding tube while still keeping your baby warm and comfortable.

You can even customize your (or your loved one's) garments for limb differences or amputations. Whether the customization needs to be in the top garment, bottom garment, or both, Sew Adorable LLC has you covered!

Special Sizing

We offer special sizing for items that you may have a hard time finding in stores. That includes:

-Tiny Preemie sized items (bodysuits, sleeper suits, beanie hats, and all other items)
-Bodysuits and sleeper suits in size 4T and 5T

-Size 12M and 18M underwear for successful early potty trainers

Hard to find garments!

Maybe you have looked everywhere online for a hoodie with cows on it that fits you perfectly? Or maybe you are on the hunt for the perfect gift that doesn't exist until you create it?

Sea Turtle board shorts? That's an easy one!

Chicken themed pajamas? We can do that!

A knee length dress with pencils and paper clips for the First Day of School? Whether it is for the teacher or the student, we can do that too!

Brother-Sister Matching Sets! Sister - Sister Matching Sets! Brother- Brother Sets! Big Brother-Little Sister Sets! Big Sister-Little Brother Sets! Whether directly matching or similarly dressed but still coordinating, we can make it happen!

We can even make formal occasion gowns in knee length or floor length.

Absolutely Adorable

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